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Share your content and get tons of likes and comments

Find your pods!

Join (or create) relevant engagement pods with people interested in the same content as you.

Share your content and get instant reactions!

People from your pods will automatically engage with your post (likes and comments if enabled). You can choose the pods you want to share with and edit the comments people will leave in your posts.


Linkedin will increase 10x your post reach. More views, likes and comments! You can track the engagement through our reports and timeline.


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Auto Connect

Easily connect with other pod members.
Increase your SSI by building relationships and connecting with the right people


Hard limits in place to avoid abuse and spam.
All pods have group controls such as user ban and misuse report

Custom Audience

Customize to get more relevant engagements.
You can filter who is interacting with your by location, industry and number of connections

Company and Private Pods

You can build and control your own community.
Enjoy the unlimited boosts to showcase your company


Easily block any user you don't want to interact.
Our main goal is to avoid and block spam

Comment Templates

Improve the quality and relevance of your boosts.
+200 comments, ready to edit and use, divided in many categories


Find a group that suits your strategy.
Join (or create) pods with people interested in the same content as you

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get started.

What is a pod?

It is when people who share the same interests come together in a group to help each other. In the case of Linkedin pods, the group does this by interacting with each other's content (likes, commenting, etc.) helping the posts to achieve better outreach results. Linkboost does all of this work automatically between pod participants.

How does Linkboost work?

As soon as the post is boosted by a pod participant, Linkboost will make all other members automatically interact with that post. You can set up the time interval between interactions, customize the comments that will be made in your post, and you are done! Participants in a given pod can set how their individual profiles will interact. Example: You can leave your profile enabled to like or comment on posts by other members. Or you can disable your comments (only likes).

How to find and join pods?

You can use our Marketplace option and search using Keywords (topic, country, language, etc.) After finding it, you can easily request to join any of the pods.

How can I do my first boost?

After entering one or more pods, you can go to the Post menu and click on the New Post button. After that, just insert the link to your Linkedin post, select the pods, and check the basic settings (intervals and comments). Then just click on "Create New Post"

How to leave a pod?

In the Pods menu, you can see the “My Pods” tab with all your current groups. When you mouseover the groups´names, you can already see the "Leave Pod" button.

How to create or delete a pod?

To create a pod just click on the Pods menu. In the "My pods" tab there is the "New Pod" button. You just need to fill in the description data and basic admin settings. To delete, you can go to the Pods menu and "My pods" tab. You can select the pod you want to delete and go to the Settings tab. There you will find the "Delete Pod" button.

How to switch on/off your auto likes/comments?

LYou can do this individually for each pod. From the Pods menu, select the pod you want to set up. In the "Settings" tab, you will find the Your Settings option. You can select the interactions you would want to do. When you are the pod admin, you will see the pod settings first and then your individual settings. Don't forget to click on "Save your settings"

How to get only likes in your posts?

Easy. You just need to leave the comments section blank.

How to see pod members?

After approval to join the pod, you can go to the “Members” tab and you will see all the pod members. We encourage you to connect with them to improve your strategy results. You can easily find their Linkedin profiles by clicking in each member's name.

How to use and customize the auto-comments for your posts?

You can customize all comments that will be used in your post. Each comment must be made on one line. You can also use the Linkedin´s customization items available ("first name", "last name", etc..) We have some category templates to help you improve the relevance of your comments, making your interaction more natural. Comments are randomly selected and distributed to participants who are engaging with the post. There is no repetition of the comments. If your pods have, for example, 30 members, but you only wrote 15 lines, comment engagements will be limited to 15. You would have 30 Likes and 15 comments in this example.




5 boosted posts every month
1 post / day
1 pod
  • Blocklist users
  • User ban / report
  • Post / Pod stats
  • Comment templates


30 boosted posts every month
1 post / day
10 pods
  • Blocklist users
  • User ban / report
  • Post / Pod stats
  • Comment templates
  • Custom Audiences
  • Linkedin Auto connect with pod members


60 boosted posts every month
2 posts / day
20 pods
  • Blocklist users
  • User ban / report
  • Post / Pod stats
  • Comment templates
  • Custom Audiences
  • Linkedin Auto connect with pod members
If you manage many Linkedin accounts and need something custom made