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The Ultimate LinkedIn Engagement Tool

Not just pods. With Linkboost, get the initial boost your content needs and leverage AI to understand, engage, and grow your LinkedIn presence.

Amplify Your LinkedIn Content Strategically

Boost with Precision

In the dynamic landscape of LinkedIn, ensuring your content reaches the right audience is paramount. Our engagement tool offers a targeted approach, maximizing visibility and engagement for your posts.

Targeted Engagement Pods.
Join or create pods that align perfectly with your content's theme and audience, ensuring it gets the attention it deserves from the right professionals.
Optimized Reach.
By aligning with relevant pods, your content benefits from increased organic reach, tapping into networks that resonate with your message.
Data-Driven Decisions
Utilize insights from your boosts to refine your content strategy, ensuring continuous improvement and heightened engagement.

Follow with Purpose

Curate Your LinkedIn Feed Like a Pro

Ever feel like your LinkedIn feed is a wild party where you don't know anyone? Linkboost is your personal DJ, playing only the hits that resonate with your professional vibe.

Selective Curation.
Choose the LinkedIn profiles that align with your goals. We'll ensure their content takes center stage in your feed, so you're always tuned into the industry maestros.
Integrated Content Display.
No more endless scrolling. Get a streamlined view of handpicked posts, ensuring you never miss a beat (or a valuable insight).
Engage & Grow.
By focusing on content that matters, you can engage more effectively, positioning yourself as an industry insider and fostering genuine connections.

Elevate Your LinkedIn Interactions

AI-Powered Engagement on Your Feed

Engaging effectively on LinkedIn requires both time and insight. Our AI-powered tool streamlines this process, ensuring your interactions are timely, relevant, and impactful.

Intelligent Comment Generation.
Utilize AI to craft insightful comments for posts, enhancing your professional image and fostering meaningful discussions.
Configurable AI Prompts.
Adjust the AI's output to align with your professional voice, ensuring consistency and authenticity in your interactions.
Enhanced Engagement.
Engage directly from your feed, increasing your visibility and solidifying your position as an active and informed industry participant.

LinkedIn Analytics

Dive Deeper into Your LinkedIn Performance

Linkboost's LinkedIn Analytics provides a comprehensive overview of your LinkedIn activities, ensuring you're always informed and ready to optimize.

Real-time KPI Monitoring.
Access key performance indicators such as follower growth, connection increases, and post engagement metrics. By staying updated, you can adjust your strategies in real-time for maximum impact.
Visual Data Representation.
With intuitive graphs and charts, visualize your LinkedIn growth trajectory. This visual aid helps in quickly identifying trends and patterns, enabling more informed decision-making.
Insights & Recommendations.
Our system analyzes your data and offers actionable insights. Whether it's the best time to post or understanding which content resonates most, our recommendations can significantly enhance your LinkedIn strategy.

Engage with Relevance

AI-Powered Content Discovery & Interaction

In the vast sea of LinkedIn content, finding posts that resonate with your industry can be challenging. Linkboost's Engage feature harnesses the power of AI to curate content that aligns with your interests, ensuring every interaction is meaningful and impactful.

Industry-Aligned Content Suggestions.
Our AI system scans LinkedIn to suggest posts from profiles relevant to your industry. This ensures you're always engaging with content that aligns with your professional interests and expertise.
AI-Driven Comment Generation.
Never be at a loss for words. Generate insightful and relevant comments for posts using our AI tool. This not only saves time but ensures you're contributing value to discussions.

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Pod features: Elevate Your Posts and Your Spirits!

Unleash the full potential of your pods with features that are as delightful as they are useful.

Linkedin Auto connect.
Easily connect with other pod members. Increase your SSI by building relationships and connecting with the right people
Hard limits in place to avoid abuse and spam. All pods have group controls such as user ban and misuse report
Custom Audiences.
Customize to get more relevant engagements. You can filter who is interacting with your by Location and Industry
Company and Private Pods.
You can build and control your own community. Enjoy the unlimited boosts to showcase your company
Maintain the quality of your pod interactions by blocking or avoiding specific pod members or content types.
Find a group that suits your strategy. Join (or create) pods with people interested in the same content as you.
AI Comments.
When boosting a post within a pod, our AI can generate insightful and relevant comments based on the post content, enhancing engagement and reach.
Post Engagement Data.
Receive real-time analytics on how your pod-related posts are performing, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for future pod activities.

Pricing Plans

Choose an affordable plan to boost your LinkedIn profile and page views through intelligent engagement.


$0 /mo

posts / month
post / day
pod to boost your post

What's included

  • Join a unlimited number of pods
  • Create your own pod
  • Blocklist users
  • User ban / report
  • Post / Pod stats
  • Comment Templates
  • Linkedin Analytics


$31 /mo

posts / month
post / day
pods to boost your post

What's included

Everything in Free +
  • Custom audiences feature
  • Linkedin auto connect with pod members
  • Generate comments with AI
  • Engage AI (unlimited usage)
  • Generate AI comments on your Linkedin feed (unlimited usage)


$47 /mo

posts / month
posts / day
pods to boost your post

What's included

Everything in Free +
  • Custom audiences feature
  • Linkedin auto connect with pod members
  • Generate comments with AI
  • Engage AI (unlimited usage)
  • Generate AI comments on your Linkedin feed (unlimited usage)


If you manage many Linkedin accounts and need something custom made

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

If you are new to the engagement pod strategy and want to cover the basics of Linkboost, we recommend watching our intro tutorial.

What is a pod?
It is when people who share the same interests come together in a group to help each other. In the case of Linkedin pods, the group does this by interacting with each other's content (likes, commenting, etc.) helping the posts to achieve better outreach results. Linkboost does all of this work automatically between pod participants.
How does Linkboost works?
As soon as the post is boosted by a pod participant, Linkboost will make all other members automatically interact with that post. You can set up the time interval between interactions, customize the comments that will be made in your post, and you are done! Participants in a given pod can set how their individual profiles will interact. Example: You can leave your profile enabled to like or comment on posts by other members. Or you can disable your comments (only likes).
How to find and join pods?
You can use our Marketplace option and search using Keywords (topic, country, language, etc.) After finding it, you can easily request to join any of the pods.
How I can do my first post boost?
After entering one or more pods, you can go to the Post menu and click on the New Post button. After that, just insert the link to your Linkedin post, select the pods, and check the basic settings (intervals and comments). Then just click on "Create New Post".
How to leave a pod?
In the Pods menu, you can see the “My Pods” tab with all your current groups. When you mouseover the groups´names, you can already see the "Leave Pod" button.
How to create or delete a pod?
To create a pod just click on the Pods menu. In the "My pods" tab there is the "New Pod" button. You just need to fill in the description data and basic admin settings. To delete, you can go to the Pods menu and "My pods" tab. You can select the pod you want to delete and go to the Settings tab. There you will find the "Delete Pod" button.
How to switch on/off your auto likes/comments?
You can do this individually for each pod. From the Pods menu, select the pod you want to set up. In the "Settings" tab, you will find the Your Settings option. You can select the interactions you would want to do. When you are the pod admin, you will see the pod settings first and then your individual settings. Don't forget to click on "Save your settings"
How to get only likes on your post?
Easy. You just need to leave the comments section blank.
How to see the pod members?
After approval to join the pod, you can go to the “Members” tab and you will see all the pod members. We encourage you to connect with them to improve your strategy results. You can easily find their Linkedin profiles by clicking in each member's name.
How to use and customize auto-comments for your posts?
You can customize all comments that will be used in your post. Each comment must be made on one line. You can also use the Linkedin´s customization items available ("first name", "last name", etc..) We have some category templates to help you improve the relevance of your comments, making your interaction more natural. Comments are randomly selected and distributed to participants who are engaging with the post. There is no repetition of the comments. If your pods have, for example, 30 members, but you only wrote 15 lines, comment engagements will be limited to 15. You would have 30 Likes and 15 comments in this example.