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Lempod was a popular solution, but they halted development some time ago to focus their efforts on other industries. Linkboost is the new industry leader for Linkedin engagement.


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Free tier and better pricing

Boost 3 posts / month on the free tier, and skyrocket it to infinity when you upgrade! Boost your content's potential by boosting up to three links per month for no cost at all with a Linkboost membership.

Custom audiences filter

With our custom audiences filter you will get more relevant engagements. You can easily filter who engages with your content by location, industry and number of connections to make sure that the right people are reaching out to each other in a way they never have before!

Linkedin auto connect

Easily connect with other pod members to make your engagement trustworthy. Increase your SSI by building relationships and connecting with the right people!

Better pod management tools

You want better pod management tools? Well we got them right here at Linkboost and not just for your own experience but also keeping track of what others are doing too. Not liking some user's content? No problem, blocklisting him will ensure that you won't be engaging on his content anymore
Feature comparison

Engagement group - Pods
Automated likes and comments
Comment templates
Custom audiences
Linkedin auto connect option with pod members
Activity log (know exactly which content your account is engaging)
Really fast customer service (available inside the app)
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Some more features on Linkboost

Company and Private Pods

You can build and control your own community. Enjoy the unlimited boosts to showcase your company


Hard limits in place to avoid abuse and spam. All pods have group controls such as user ban and misuse report


Easily block any user you don't want to interact. Our main goal is to avoid and block spam


Find a group that suits your strategy. Join (or create) pods with people interested in the same content as you

Post Engagement data

Don’t just take our word for it. See the publication’s performance data, along with engagement metrics for your content

Activity log

Know exactly which content your Linkedin account is engaging

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